Tourist Visa Invitation Russia for 12 Euro

It is a single visa with validity up to 30 (thirty) days for tourists who order beforehand tourist services and accommodation in hotels or in a private sector. Such a visa suits ones who precisely know their plans, have the developed route, and are not going to deviate it hardly.


Information required:

  • Full name (surname/family name, middle names, names as in your passport)
  • Citizenship
  • Date of birth
  • The passport number
  • The passport validity
  • Exact dates and cities of trip
  • E-mail
  • Contact phone



With this visa you can enter Russian Federation once. You can arrive by plane, train, and vessel or by car. Having our company tourist voucher, you can visit any city of Russia.

The invitation to Russia (tourist voucher) expenses include a cost of accommodation booking for all period of your stay in Russia. Additional confirmation of booking it is not required.

What is Tourist Voucher or Confirmation Number?

Tourist Voucher is an obligatory document to open a TOURIST VISA in the Russian Embassy on your country. The document comes forward as an agreement with the Russian Tourist Agency and the Customer who is going to travel to Russia. It comes as guarantee for all services (hotelís booking, confirmation of this booking, voucher, tour program on request), and suppose the whole range of responsibility given by the Tourist Company during your trip on the territory of Russian Federation. Tourist Voucher confirms the payment for the services such as could be excursions, hotel reservation, transfer, etc. and guarantee the whole range of responsibility given by the company during the touristís trip. Can be Single or Double entires. Can be not more that 30 days stay in Russian.

Kindly book your accommodation (hotel or apartment) during your stay in Russia, transfers, a guide Ė translator services, tickets for concerts and exhibitions or another services at Global Tourism.